Hello everyone loves Japan especially Tokyo❤

First of all, let me apologize I cannot support the foreigner due to the Covid 19. I am eager to support any of who need anything to settle in Tokyo or any of your needs however , under the circumstances for now, I just hope we will all get the normal life back ASAP.

I am AKO from Tokyo, Japan. Let me allow introduce about myself.

I am 50 years old working mother for over 25 years by now. I have two sons 13 and 22 years old who love foot ball⚽

I do love children since I had been in California and baby sitting back then around my age of 20. Also I love traveling by myself, I was a backpacker, traveled around US by taking Amtrack, and Paris, Spain, Italy and Greece by Eurorail.

As for my working experience, 2 years at the clothing company which import from all over the world as the Trade affairs. Then I had been running a kid’s clothing company for 20 years and have experience on Relocation field for 2 years in Tokyo. Supported the expats coming from all over the world with such as seeking the house, registration to the ward office including the child allowance, finding the hospital for client’s wife expecting the birth, and converting the driver’s license to Japanese one, and so on in line with what they needed to be settled in Tokyo. I love supporting people with what you want in line with your requirement. ( BTW, I am the aroma therapist also.)

Hopefully, this sad virus issue will disappear from our world and when we get our daily life back on our hand, I would like to support all who loves Japan and planing to visit or live Tokyo. I will try to be well prepared by then as I can be flexible on anything as much as possible.

Also I am creating the accessory. Something unique and stylish such as the hat belt , Pocket Square , Cuff links, Lapel pin and so on. It is my pleasure to create any accessory in line with your requirement showing your coordinating or something to suit with your some accessory, like you have nice Shirt on your hand however you don’t have the accessory which suit that shirt. Then ask me to create your own accessory. Please visit my shop from here🚀

Here you can see Kimono’s (Asian)fabrics which I can use to create what you want such as Bags or Accessory

Please contact me for more details first. Currently, I don’t work outside up until this virus issue has been gone away totally and clearly however depending on what you want which we can work together online, I am more than happy to help you.

Please contact me if you have any question🙄

Natural Beauty Personal Stylist AKO