Hello everyone who loves Japan and Japanese Culture ets…

Here are the Kimono’s fabric which I got from my MOM🤗 whom I respect from the bottom my heart🧡 She has a lot more of them which I will add shortly. ( some of them are not kimono’s fabric but Asian Pattern )

I am eager to create anything with those fabrics such as Bags or Accessory. I am very flexible to create the item which my customer wants as they want🎀

So, Please visit my shop to see what kind of items I can create and reach out to me with your requirement. It doesn’t have to be the exactly same as my items which are at my shop already, some of them have been created by my customers requirement. It is very fun to create something with my customer from the process. I will be persistent asking a lot of your preference since I would like to create what you want as you want as much as possible. Of course I will give you a lot of my ideas to seek our goal👌

For instance, 「I would like the bag like Sexy Face Tote Bag ( D15 ) with the fabric NO 3, BUT want bigger size 40×28㎝, using the same leather strap. without the embroidering. also want some water pearls somewhere.」

Then WE together discuss about what to create and I will suggest the price. I will start to create only after we are on the same page. I will reach out to you with picture on the process asking your preference about anything to make it better as much as possible and we can enjoy the process together.

FOR your own bland, I can create the same items only up to 5 with your bland’s tag on. The reason I don’t want to create more than 6 is making the item rarity, also I will get tired of creating the same things😆which makes my motivation less. need the enthusiasm always when creating anything🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 If you want, you can send me your bland tags or I can create your bland tags with your bland’s name and QR code of your website👍 (please check my tag on the bag below for your reference.)

I can create and put on those tags for your own bland.