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めぐり逢い- Part2.


めぐり逢い- Part2.

I have 2 things I have been challenging and will forever.

1: JUN-san

I have been listening his podcast for long time, one the way to work, with creating the accessory, I have learned so much from him. Although this is my own opinion, I believe whatever kind of jobs, people attract people. I mean, even if you find the very attractive clothing at the shop, if the salesperson is not kind , didn’t have the good heart, I would not buy it or I might buy it, however I would not feel comfortable whenever I wear it. On the other hand, if I purchased the same clothing from the person with very good heart, it would give me the extra happiness which would make me feel very comfortable feeling whenever wearing it. Thus, after all, the things depends on the person you face with.

The reason I have been the huge fun of him and kept listening to his podcast is because I can sense he is really really good person. First of all, the way he teaches is perfect, and when he create the conversation version with one of his listener , I can feel JUN-san’s way of treating the guest is perfect with the respect. Simply I feel very comfy when listening his podcast. I believe all of his listener should agree with me.

Believe or not, I had reached out to him through IG, telling him I am huge fun of him and my dream is to be the guest one day after I get the score on TOEIC over 900. Unexpectedly I got the reply from JUN-san, telling me that though he couldn’t guarantee if I could be the one of the guest, told me to reach out to him when I got over 900 on TOEIC. Actually I am too shy to be a guest therefore I don’t want to be the guest🤣 however, it can be very powerful motivation for me to go on.

My plan is to complete my website ( create as I can feel it’s ok to officially publised.) then I will get back to learning English hardly to reach out to JUN-san one day.

For all who is looking for the very practical and fun way of learning ENGLISH, I definitely recommend to visit his platform. You will be addicted to his personality and great way of teaching skill😍

2: Keeping to creative something, such as making the accessory, broach, bow-tie, bags and so on, whatever some imagination comes up in my brain/mind, I just start to create without any instruction, just follow my inspiration, when I am concentrated on something creative is my favorite time, nothing cannot stop me until myself feel exhausted enough to fall in a sleep.

I create the accessories for the Beloved couple, could be the parents. What I would like to do is to create something similar like, create the necklace and the broach, using the same color. Could be the same item but with the different colors💚🧡

Always thinking about the colors, always thinking about fashion, coordination etc…several years ago, I found the god of color ✨ as soon as I found him on IG, I was addicted his posts, how to wear the clothing, using the colors. definitely he was unique and different from the others than the other stylish people I had found on IG or anywhere else. Since then, I have been huge fan of him and fortunately I could get the opportunity to create the feather pocket square and lapel pin. He has been inspiring me in many ways and hope will going forward as well.

Hope the ordinal world will come back sometime soon💞

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