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Accessories for Beloved Two💙🧡


Accessories for Beloved Two💙🧡

Hi, this is Ako from Tokyo. 50 years old with 2 lovely sons, 22&13. I have been working over 25 years as the working mother. 23 years at the clothing company and 2 years in Relocation Field supporting the expats, assignee coming from all over the world. I do love working and challenging anything I like however, with raising 2 sons, there was some duration I couldn’t have fun to work and raise my sons both, there was not enough time back then.

And since my older son started to live by himself which gave me the space in my mind therefore I started think of myself. like Am I really happy with myself and what I am doing? What do I need for me to live my life happily from the bottom my heart…..

Then I could get the chance to create the accessories at some point through the most stylish man on IG. When I first found him. Just just stunned, speech less, no word to express him. He is the real king of the color which I named. After some month passed by, I thought I should try to create the accessory for this most stylish man as far as I know and sent two of the accessories, of course it didn’t meet his requirement however he put it anyway as the kind of him. So, sine then I started to create so many accessories like crazy🙄 after work, got home do house keeping, then I created so many things until I fall an sleep. That’s such a me keep addicted once I do meet something which really move my heart and that’s I think is called the happiness. Being able to just concentrated on something you love.

After some months past, my hand ( not me ) created something met his requirement and he put my Pocket square and Lapel pin👇

I understand he never wear anything if it didn’t meet his criteria however the third weather which was so fluttery , he worn it as his kindness🥰 and caring with warm heart.

Appreciate for giving me the opportunity to enjoy creating the accessories and your very considerate heart🤍

So, what I would like to is, creating the different accessory with using the same material , for instance I will create the tiny Lapel pin with utilizing the same feather, I can make necklace with the peacock feather etc… Isn’t it nice to wear something matching somehow even if you cannot be always together. I create the matching accessories for may parents and my best friends and her dogs🐶🐶.


My website is still on the progress however I am writhing my blog almost every day only because I love talking about what I love🧡

Good Day every one🎀

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