Supporting foreigners( Not available until COVID-19 issue is over.)

As i explained on the top page of supporting foreigners( and as below again), I have some experiences and happy to help foreigners in line with the customers requirement. However unfortunately, I got to pause this service up untill this sad issue has been gone away totally.

However, if you have anything which you think I can support by chatting or emailing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your suggestion with using the contact form below.

I have 2 years experience in Relocation Field. So, some one who lives in Tokyo and have something to do at the ward office but no time.. Then I will be able to proceed with POA on your behalf. Or to convert your Foreign Driver’s License to Japanese, I can support to advice what you should prepare, get the translation and actually visiting the KOTO Driver’s Center with you. For the details please refer to the Driver’s License page.
Or, for the tourist, I can support you to prepare for your trip get started.
Such as the Electric Money card which you can use for the transportation and paying at the most of stores. * For now, I am not doing any support need to meet in person until this virus issue is gone perfectly.