Peacock Pocket Square-3 with the Tie Pin (AC-4)




*This is coming with the tie pin.

*This is the pocket square. By adding the plate which will be inside of your pocket, it makes it stable without any pin. I cannot create the exactly same product depending on the appearance after attaching several Peacock fethers, however it makes it the only one your own accessory. Also please appoint the exact size of the plate which will be in your pocket. I will flexibly try to create in line with your preference, you can choose the color of bijou, Swarovski and so on. So, please contact me with your requirement details before actually purchasing. Also please note that to deliver to overseas, I need to charge the shipment fee, the fee is depends on your country. I will be able to tell you in advance if you’re really interested in my creatives. * Regarding the delivery date, it could be taken long like a week or more, depending the order’s status I have then. Thank you for your understanding. If needed, please ask me before purchasing.