The Hat belt, Cuff links and Broach ( or Lapel Pin ) Set ( ACS-22 )


Basically, this Dandy set comes with the Hat belt, Cuff links, and Broach or Lapel pin. I add 3 of swards since there is the proverb in Japan telling Even if you cannot beat your enemy only by yourself, you can beat your enemy by fighting with your pals ( with another two swards ) together. Also all of my creative has the charm 愛🧡=  Love ( Ai in Japanese.) somewhere, depending on the items, if I feel reluctant to add 愛 charm on the front side considering the color combination, I will place 愛 on the revers side. Or sometimes like the Nave Broach, I placed 愛 inside,( you will be able to find in the picture.) as a kind of playful mind. ( If you want, I can use another fabric for cufflinks or broach as you can see in the pictures.)

So, please reach out to me with your questions and requirement including which color you want and which item you need / want. The Hat belt is made as basically fit to 60 cm hat, however since I put the sticky tape, there are some 2-3 cm flexibility meaning can be shorter or longer. Or If you want something longer than like 65 cm or even longer I can, however if I may need to ask for the extra fee, so please ask me first. As for the width, it is basically for man 5 cm, for woman, I will recommend to make it 2-2.5 cm. So, please let me know anything you want.

Looking forward to hearing from a lot of Stylish Foreigners Customers.

*Please note that when I have a lot of orders, it could take about 2 weeks up until being ready to ship you.

*Please note that the shipping fee is on the customer, so I will let you know in advance how much it will cost to send it to your country.