Big Size Useful and Practical Tote Bag ( D-6 )











This is the remaked bag from the customer’s Skirt, then add scurf, embroidery ,chain, and used the artificial leather’s handles which is 70cm , very long enough when you have so many stuffs. of course there is the pocket inside, if you want I can add more than one pocket.

Anyway, please reach out to me first with your idea and requirement. Let’s discuss what we can create together with enjoying the process, this is what I would like to do.

Please note that I use sewing machine and my hand, meaning there would be some mistake happened or you may not like the finishing, then I will pay you back JPY3,000 to purchase the item you send me. So, if you cannot believe about my creative sense, do not proceed. If you’re comfortable with my policy mentioned beyond, then let’s work togethe😍